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Beacons In Darkness: Year One

Welcome to the worse day of your life! There was post-apocalyptic event that has occurred - The Rapture. Many scholars tried to find this date and many mocked that this day would never happen. No matter what you believe, you have been left behind. What would you do? Where would you go? What path would you take at this point of no hope? Well, this series will follow a group of people that will have to make these decisions. In Beacons in Darkness: Year One, we will follow seven of these people: Captain Manny Paul Williamson, wanted terrorist Carson Ward, Sergeant Major George Finley, a Chinese Ambassador named Deacon Chang, a hard core drug addict named Destiny Paris, an evangelist named Denise Rogers and a mega pastor named Jonathan Douglas.



Manneristic Studios Artists

DaShawn L. Hall
Animation Director, Publisher

Stephanie Hipkins
Kyle Wisotzkey
Tessa Knopf
Bethany Meier
Frent Hall
Tricia West
Contina Scott
Tisha Charlton

Nikki Guyton
David Carrillo
Myrian Shipp
Mark Levine

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