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Redemption Draws Nigh: Year One

Welcome to your first day with a second chance to live your life? What would you do? Where would you go? What side would you take if you knew a climatic war was about to begin. Well this series will follow a group of people that will have to make these decisions. In Redemption Draws Nigh: Year One, we will follow four of these people:
Captain Noah Waters, Dr. Hannah Flint, Claudia Hawke and Jonathan Stone.



Manneristic Studios Artists

DaShawn L. Hall
Animation Director, Publisher

Stephanie Hipkins
Kyle Wisotzkey
Tessa Knopf
Bethany Meier
Frent Hall
Tricia West
Contina Scott
Tisha Charlton

Nikki Guyton
David Carrillo
Myrian Shipp
Mark Levine

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